American video game retailer GameStop has revealed its latest financial results for Q1 2018, with drops being present across the board in comparison to the same time last year. Of course, Q1 of last year saw the successful launch of the Switch, and it was likely expected that revenue would be down without such an event to boost sales, but the console is still performing well for the store on the whole.

The company's CFO Robert Lloyd has stated that there is still a "very steady level of demand for Switch", suggesting that the console's initial hype hasn't worn down too much over the last 15 months. He also mentions the "surprising" success of titles like The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, which continues to sell well each and every week.

“… with respect to the Switch we did very well at the launch. It was the hottest thing that customers could get their hands on. We sold a lot of it in the two months of the quarter that it was in the marketplace. I think that we are seeing a very steady level of demand for Switch right now and a very steady level of demand for the Switch games. It’s surprising when I read the reports on a weekly basis how well even Zelda which launched a year ago continues to do on a week-to-week basis.”

It certainly feels like the Switch is on course to be a very successful milestone in Nintendo's hardware history, and maybe the company's target to shift another 20 million consoles this financial year is very much in sight. Hopefully we'll have a clearer idea of the Switch's future after tomorrow's E3 Direct.