Fortnite's patch 4.5 released yesterday, bringing with it the new Playground LTM mode, which enabled you and three friends to jump into a map without the need to fight in a normal battle royale setup. It proved to be a brilliant way to practice your building, or just as a way to muck about, but mere hours after launch Epic Games was forced to pull the mode from the game.

Turns out users trying to access the mode were forced into ridiculously long queues or were faced with error messages that threw them out entirely. The developer has now pulled the mode from all versions of the game while it finds a workaround, but regular BR modes are still accessible. Oh, and the newly-reinstated trolleys (which were removed from the game a while ago due to the fact some players were using them to glitch underneath the map) aren't going anywhere, so you can now zip away from the oncoming store with a little more speed.

Are you playing Fortnite? What do you make of the recent arrival and disappearance of Playground mode? Share your thoughts below...