With the recent confirmation that FIFA 19 will be available on Switch, as well as the support FIFA 18 has received with its free World Cup update, many fans were realistically hoping for a Switch version of this year's Madden. It has sadly been confirmed that Madden 19 will not be launching on Nintendo's console, and EA's reasoning is a little on the confusing side.

Speaking with Gamespot, Madden producer Ben Haumiller discussed EA Sports' thought process when thinking about platforms for its top games. When asked about Madden coming to Switch, he said the following:

"We always think about every platform out there. It's really a decision of what's best for Madden and us as EA and where we're going. You never rule out getting your game in front of players. You want to go where everyone is. We'd never rule it out. We just don't have any current plans right now."

As upsetting as it is, having "no plans right now" is kind of understandable. As we mentioned earlier the support for FIFA has been impressive, and if that franchise sees consistently decent sales figures we could start to see other EA big-hitters come across, too.

As it stands, though, it seems that EA Sports still doesn't consider the Switch to be worth the time and investment for any of its other franchises. If it's "a decision of what's best for Madden", and the result of that decision is no Switch version, the company clearly believes it's better off staying on other consoles only for now.

Will we see Madden come over eventually? Maybe. It looks like the Switch still has some convincing to do in EA's eyes before that can happen, though. Let us know if you'd want to play some American football on the go in the comments.