It's almost time!

Today Nintendo will broadcast its E3 'Direct' presentation and let the world know about the biggest and best Switch (and perhaps 3DS) games that will be releasing cross the next year or so. 

Nintendo's been a pretty leaky ship of late, and if rumours are to be believed we already know some of the titles Nintendo will be announcing today. 

We've run down some of the most likely picks on this page, for your viewing pleasure.

Metroid Prime 4

Last year, we were told that Metroid Prime 4 exists, so this year it's fair to expect that we'll see gameplay footage at the very least. Easily one of the most anticipated Switch titles in development right now, this is likely to be one of the highlights of Nintendo's event. As for what we'll see, that's anyone's guess – despite the recent leaks the company has done a good job of keeping this sequel under wraps.

Smash Bros.

This one is a given, as Nintendo has already confirmed the game will be playable at E3. But what form will it take? Will it be a simple update of the existing Wii U version, or could we see a brand-new entry – perhaps a revised "greatest hits" package which pulls together all of the fighters from every version of Smash? Whatever Nintendo offers us this is likely to be one of the biggest draws of the show purely down the fact that Smash is a huge property with millions of fans.


Poor old Yoshi has been lost in the crush a little recently – given the sheer volume of 2.5D platformers on Switch, it's easy to see why this promising game has been overlooked a little. That should all change today as we'd imagine Nintendo will give this a big push during the presentation, especially as the character is one of its most recognisable and bankable.


Unless you refuse to believe all of the leaks, this is a dead cert for E3 as well – we may even see it launch during the show itself. Fortnite on Switch is a big deal; it's currently the world's biggest video game and a Nintendo version will be a massive boost for the Switch. Sure, portable Fortnite is already a thing thanks to the existence of the iOS version, but who wants to play with touch controls? We personally can't wait to get our hands on this, and we imagine it will give Nintendo's console plenty of fresh momentum in 2018.


Fire Emblem

Outside of its initial announcement last year we've heard precious little about this upcoming tactical RPG, so it would be wise to expect a little more info today. Given the stature of the series, this could end up being one of the surprises of the show.

Star Fox Grand Prix

Again, this one is rumoured rather than confirmed, but the evidence is pretty hard to ignore. According to reports, it's a racing game set in space which uses the cast of Star Fox – expect mid-race combat, stunts and dazzling visuals. While many fans would rather see a proper Star Fox entry, we're intrigued by the idea of mixing two different genres using a famous IP, and are confident that if this proves to be the real deal, it will be well worth a look.

Starlink: Battle of Atlus

Starlink was shown off at Ubisoft's conference last night – complete with Shigeru Miyamoto and Star Fox – but we'd imagine that Nintendo will give it plenty of screen-time during its own E3 event. The game revolves around interchangeable toys which appear in-game (and you thought toys-to-life was dead), but the news that the Switch will be getting an exclusive Arwing (along with Fox McCloud) should make this a little more interesting than it was previously.

All Things Pokémon

We already know that Let's Go Pikachu and Let's Go Eevee are on the way later this year, so expect to see some footage during the event. Perhaps more exciting is the prospect of seeing more of the fully-fledged Pokémon RPG which is due for release next year. Could we see our first glimpse of a new generation of Pocket Monsters today?

Animal Crossing

We almost feel bad asking for this, because when Animal Crossing eventually arrives on Switch it will rob millions of people countless hours of their lives. Friends and family members will neglect one another, social events will be missed and lame excuses will be made. Animal Crossing isn't a game, it's an obsession - and we can't wait to lose ourselves in it all over again.

Netflix And Youtube

We still can't believe that Netflix isn't available on Switch - it would be the perfect app for the console. There have been reports that it's ready to go but Netflix is waiting for Nintendo to push the button - and what better time to do that than at E3? YouTube would be nice as well, while we're here. 

Wii And GameCube Games

The Virtual Console may be dead but that doesn't mean that vintage games don't factor into Nintendo's plans anymore; given its recent experiments with Wii games on the Nvidia Shield in China, it's fair to predict that we'll be seeing games like Super Mario Galaxy come over to Switch sooner rather than later.

Which of the following do you most want to see at E3 2018?

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