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To start the third and final day of live Treehouse coverage, Nintendo announced HAMSTER would be expanding the Arcade Archives line on the Switch eShop, with the reveal of two additional titles. Both released in 1981, the first is the original Donkey Kong arcade game, and the second is the lesser known Sky Skipper.

Arcade Archives: Donkey Kong is available on the eShop right now in North America and Japan, and will arrive in Europe tomorrow. For $7.99, this particular release offers plenty of bang for your buck, featuring three playable versions of the game.

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According to the Nintendo Treehouse team, the early version is based on the original game released in Japanese arcades, the later version fixes a few bugs and the primary difference in the international version is the stage order. The Switch release, as mentioned during the announcement, also includes a Hi Score and Caravan mode (with a five-minute time limit), along with online leaderboards.

The rarer of the two releases – Arcade Archives: Sky Skipper – will arrive later on in July. The interesting tale behind this retro revival was explained by Nintendo executive, Don James: 

One day, ten of these Sky Skipper cabinets showed up and we put them out at various arcades...for whatever reason, we never released the game, but we kept one original Sky Skipper cabinet in our archives at Nintendo of America...then we got the call to go out, dig up the game, pull the ROMs out, copy them, and send them to Japan so they could make it available to the consumers.

Adding to this, Don revealed the artwork on the Sky Skipper cabinet - including the side stickers, header and the designs on the control panel were all done by Shigeru Miyamoto, solving a long-time mystery. 

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Nintendo's Treehouse team went on to reiterate the arcade cabinet (displayed during the discussion) was the only known original North American one, housing an unmodified Sky Skipper board - with the ROMs from the specific board enabling the go-ahead of the Arcade Archives edition. It's Nintendo history at its finest. 

In Sky Skipper, you take control of a pilot who must save the royal family - represented as playing cards, from gorillas. Each play session requires you to collect these cards, drop bombs and avoid any incoming projectiles.

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Have you bought any of the Arcade Archives titles released so far? Do either of these games interest you? Tell us below.