Double Eleven has announced that the Legend of Zelda-inspired Songbringer is headed to Switch next week, arriving on a Nintendo platform for the first time after its launch elsewhere last year.

Songbringer tells the story of protagonist Roq as he journeys across an alien planet, bringing him more adventure, dangerous encounters, and spiritual growth than he could have ever imagined. With help from his moustache-loving robot companion Jib, Roq must explore the perilous world before him, acquiring helpful items and navigating twisting dungeons while taking on the freakish beasts surrounding him.

Each time players begin a new save file, they’ll influence their journey’s overworld map design by choosing a six-letter seed. Songbringer’s procedurally generated worlds are designed to keep each step of Roq’s quest unpredictable, allowing for replayability and an always-fresh feel.

The Nintendo Switch version will include all updates released for Songbringer's PC and console versions, as well as the free DLC The Trial Of Ren. The game will launch on the Switch eShop in both Europe and North America on 31st May.

Do you like the look of this mysterious adventure? Will you be giving it a go next week? Let us know down below.