Probably one of the worst kept secrets in the industry right now is the existence of LEGO DC Villains, an upcoming release in the long running LEGO franchise. Sources that leaked the existence of LEGO The Incredibles have discussed the existence of this game months ago, and early retailer listings haven’t helped with the secret, either. Still, WB has remained tight lipped with confirming the game, but a new tweet from the company seems to indicate that an announcement is just around the corner.

TT Games just tweeted out an image showing the shadow of a LEGO Joker, being cast on green graffiti that reads “Chaos is coming”. A teaser site has also been set up with similar imagery, and a timer that’s set to just over six days is slowly ticking away. Once the timer runs out, it’s likely that WB will finally confirm LEGO DC Villains, hopefully with a trailer to show off as well. Given the close relationship this series has had with Nintendo platforms in the past, it seems likely, too, that this'll be announced for the Switch.

What do you think? Which LEGO game is your favorite? Would you get LEGO DC Villains? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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