Nintendo has been treating us to several little glimpses of the upcoming Octo Expansion for Splatoon 2 lately, including a level where the floor gets destroyed as you play that was shown off last week. Now, though, things are getting even more interesting.

The video above shows yet another new level type, where the player is tasked with reaching a goal using only the Rainmaker. The level looks just like your typical Rainmaker ranked mode match - you blast the Rainmaker's bubble, use it to move across the stage, and then plonk it down on the goal at the other side - but this time you have AI opponents trying to take you down.

The levels presented in these recent Octo Expansion videos suggest that we'll be seeing a much wider variety of gameplay ideas than the original campaign, full of creativity and fresh thinking. If this Rainmaker-inspired level exists, it seems likely that we might also see a solo-player Tower Control design, or even an AI version of Clam Blitz acting as Splatoon's version of (a hopefully less broken) NBA 2K18.

Do you like the sound of levels that use the multiplayer modes as inspiration? Are you as desperate as us to get your hands on the expansion? Share your thoughts with us down below.