Nintendo has been giving Splatoon 2 fans plenty of juicy details lately, slowly teasing more and more of the upcoming Octo Expansion with videos appearing regularly over the last few weeks. Another one has now been shared via Nintendo's official Twitter accounts, and we've started to notice a recent trend.

In the video below, you'll notice the player using an ink cannon to fire large bursts of ink at balls on a platform in the distance. The balls need to be shot into the holes in the ground, acting as a new way to play with your favourite ink-based squid creatures.

This is similar in a way to another recently shared video which saw you pushing a giant object around in Splatoon's version of an escort mission. This manipulation of objects heavily reminds us of the Shrines in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild; numerous challenges saw Link have to either escort a stone ball around a room until it gets to the goal, or stand at a device to control ball (or other object) movement in the distance. 

We're not sure if the Splatoon developers have taken inspiration from Link's latest outing or not, but we're liking the look of these puzzle-based activities either way. The creativity appears to be oozing through Nintendo's walls at the moment and we're excited to see how this expansion plays out.

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