Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze coming to Switch has given one of the Wii U's most enjoyable platformers the chance to find a new audience - which it most certainly has - but it also raised the question of who was actually handling the porting duties.

In the past, other studios have been brought in to handle ports for Nintendo. When the original Donkey Kong Country Returns was released on 3DS, Monster Games was in charge of carrying Retro Studios' work over to the small screen - Monster was also enlisted to bring Xenoblade Chronicles to the New 3DS in 2015.

However, it would seem that in the case of Tropical Freeze on Switch, Nintendo has returned to source. It was confirmed during the recent Nintendo Power podcast by Treehouse staffer Samantha Robertson that Retro was in charge of porting duties.

Retro hasn't revealed what it has been working on since Tropical Freeze hit the Wii U back in 2014. We imagine that the team involved with porting the game to Switch will have been quite small, but it's still a little surprising that Nintendo didn't out-source this work to another firm to free up resources for Retro's current project - which, lest we forget, we still know nothing about. 

What we do know is that one of the company's lead writers and narrative designers recently left, which would suggest that his role in Retro's unannounced project(s) is either finished, or he simply had enough of working there.

So yeah, we still know nothing. Roll on E3, eh?

Thanks to RunninBlue for the tip!

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