So, we finally know. Nintendo's proverbial floodgates have opened and let through a relatively small but impactful chunk of knowledge regarding the oft-forgotten Nintendo Switch Online service. We've already covered everything that will be included along with all the semi-spicy details, but now we want to hear your thoughts on the matter, as well as point you in the direction of the delightful video above where we do something similar.

Vote in the polls below and be sure to let your text-based voices heard in the comments below should you have more details to add.

What's your general feeling regarding Nintendo Switch Online? (686 votes)

  1. Look amazing! Can't wait to sink my teeth into it6%
  2. It looks pretty good, I'm excited for the most part38%
  3. I can take it or leave it if I'm honest29%
  4. It wasn't brilliant21%
  5. I cannot stand to hear its name7%

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What feature of Nintendo Switch Online are you most excited about? (687 votes)

  1. Save data cloud backup43%
  2. Free classic games with online functionality36%
  3. Online matchmaking (e.g. Splatoon 2)5%
  4. Continued use of the Nintendo Switch Online App1%
  5. I'm not interested in anything15%

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Do you feel the service is fairly priced? (689 votes)

  1. Sweet gravy, absolutely! Bargain of the century26%
  2. It's good enough, I think it's a fairly sweet deal30%
  3. It's about what I'd expect; not too expensive, not too cheap25%
  4. They're asking a bit much, frankly7%
  5. I can't believe they think they can charge money for this12%

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Will you be purchasing a subscription come September? (676 votes)

  1. Definitely, even my own mother couldn't stop me61%
  2. I'd rather chew my own legs off than pay for this12%
  3. I'm undecided/ambivalent, and will discuss it further in the comments27%

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