Activision's latest shooty-shooty-boom-boom game Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 was officially revealed to the world late last week, but one thing missing from the presentation was any mention of a Switch version - something that many had optimistically expected, given recent rumours.

Twinfinite asked senior producer Yale Miller if there were any plans for the game on Switch in the future, and got a slightly disappointing reply. Miller apparently shot down the discussion with a quick “No there is not”, which we guess puts to bed any talk of Black Ops 4 coming to Nintendo's console. That of course doesn't rule out a Call of Duty entry on Nintendo's hybrid system in some shape or form of course, but we guess we'll see in the fullness of time.

If you're still interested in learning more about the game despite the lack of a Switch version, then head over to our friends at Push Square where you'll find out about the lack of a solo campaign, the game's on-trend "Battle Royale" mode and its unique zombie scenarios - one of which is set aboard the Titanic