The surprise announcement of Sega AGES last month - a range of digital-only re-releases of classic titles coming to Switch - had fans of the company's old favourites practically drooling over the thought of portable, Switch-style Sega goodness. Now it's time to sit back, enjoy, and soak in some screenshots of the games coming to the range.

The images come from the official Sega AGES website, which has recently uploaded new pages for each of the five previously announced games. Starting off the collection is Sonic the Hedgehog (of course) alongside some equally lovely screenshots of Phantasy Star.

Next we have Thunder Force IV and Alex Kidd in Miracle World.

Then comes a collection of images for Gain Ground.


And finally a selection of title screens - because we all love a good title screen.

Phew! So there we have it. Are you excited for the Sega AGES range to launch on Nintendo Switch this summer? Let us know your thoughts on these beautiful looking screens below.

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