Ubisoft were big supporters of Nintendo during the Wii era which continued during the launch window for Wii U, however after sales of the system quickly dropped away the relationship between the two companies also cooled.

This was further demonstrated by an infamous situation where Ubisoft had a completed, ready for release Wii U game that the publisher decided to sit on to see if sales would recover.

Ultimately the identity of the game was revealed back in 2015 as friends-party game, Know Your Friends, a Jackbox-esque game that involved you answering questions about your friends.

Friend of Nintendo Life, Liam Robertson of Game History Secrets, has recently released a new video that explains the whole saga in detail and takes a much closer look at the title than ever before:

Whilst the game clearly wouldn't have turned around the fortunes of Wii U, it's another example of Ubisoft making the most of the unique dual-screen setup that the Wii U offered along with best in class examples Zombi U and and Rayman Legends.

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