Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze was one of the Wii U's gaming highlights; the platforming fun was great from start to finish, but it also looked great and played nicely, too. To explore the differences between the WIi U version and the upcoming Switch version, though, and to check for any improvements, the folk at Digital Foundry have been putting the game through some hefty tests.

The video shows that the Switch version is a more polished experience than the game's first outing, with the Wii U's native 720p resolution being boosted to 1080p when docked on Nintendo's latest hardware. The game's textures appear sharper on Switch, with smaller details being allowed to shine just that little bit more than before. When playing in portable mode, Digital Foundry found the resolution to sit in the area of 1152x648.

Perhaps of greater consequence, however, is the confirmation of a solid 60fps being present with no drops in sight. As always, players may have slightly different experiences as they play through the game, but this analysis saw the framerate stay true in both docked and portable modes. Fantastic stuff.

Will you be grabbing the game on Switch when it launches next week?