Way To The Woods - a whimsical adventure game about a deer and its offspring - could be headed to Switch in the fullness of time, according to its teenage creator, Anthony Tan.

Tan started the game when he was just 16, and is hard at work putting the finishing touches to the title, which is inspired by the work of Studio Ghibli, as well as video games like Journey.

Tan has already said that he'd like to release the game on consoles like the PS4 and Xbox One, once the PC release is out of the way. Speaking to Red Bull, he also expressed an interest in bringing the game to Switch, eventually:

I would love for the title to be on the Nintendo Switch, but it's something I'll focus on at a later time.

Tan also reveals that Team17 - which stepped in as publisher for the game a while back - is no longer involved:

I wasn't really sure what a publisher was, to be honest. Team17 has been a great help educationally. Ultimately however, it became clear that they weren't able to provide me with the resources I needed. We've since parted ways amicably.

Let us know if you'd like to (eventually) see this title on your Switch by posting a comment.

[source redbull.com]