Yesterday, Sega teased a huge announcement. We've seen part of that in the form of Sega AGES for the Switch and the reveal of a Mega Drive Mini console, but there's more: the Japanese company is remastering Shenmue and its sequel.

These two classic titles originally launched on the Dreamcast and are beloved by countless gamers - but sadly Sega has decided that only the PS4, Xbox One and PC are capable of hosting them. At the time of writing, Sega hasn't started that the double pack is Switch-bound.

We can't see any technical reason why the Switch couldn't join the party, but we're no experts. If we could be slightly optimistic for a second, perhaps Nintendo wants to reveal the Switch version itself during a Direct broadcast? 

How do you feel about Ryo and company skipping Nintendo's console? Will you just play it on one of the other formats instead? Tell us by petting kittens and playing old arcade games in the comments section below. Oh, and watch out for sailors.