Imagine heading out to a market, picking up some copies of classic retro games to add to your growing collection, and accidentally coming home with a small stash of illegal drugs at the same time. It seems almost unimaginable, yet this was a recent reality for one unlucky gentleman.

Retro game collector Julian Turner recently uploaded a video to YouTube (thanks Kotaku!), sharing the amazing moment in which he discovered the illegal goods. The two games containing the drugs, Rollergames and Golf, caught the attention of Turner thanks to an increase in weight over other cartridges. Luckily, he had other copies of both games available to weigh for comparison.

The YouTube channel in question is host to a number of videos showing the opening of cartridges, so this no doubt seemed like a perfect opportunity to open them up for a very different reason. You can watch the action unfold in the video below (he starts to examine the cartridges at around the 7:40 mark).

Not content with only seeing the suspicious looking packaging inside the cartridges, Turner went on to open up the little bags, too. After confirming that the product inside was indeed an illegal substance, the police were called to deal with the situation.

Amazingly, this isn't the only time that a copy of Golf has been found hiding suspicious items, as one copy was once found containing $5000 in bills. This money dated back to 1985, and with no evidence being found to suggest that the drug transaction was a recent thing, the products found may well be over 30 years old.


If you have any copies of Golf for the NES lying around your house, erm, have fun with that!

[source kotaku.com]