We all know that the Switch doesn't have a built-in achievement system, and the debate over whether or not it would benefit the console will likely go on for some time, but this news throws a very interesting addition into the mix.

Microsoft and Mojang have confirmed that, once the game's Bedrock update has gone live, players will be able to earn achievements tied to Xbox Live by playing the Nintendo Switch version of the game. Thanks to this Bedrock update, Minecraft is being united across a whole bunch of platforms, with achievements and other features such as cross-platform play being available across all supported versions.

The achievements for the Nintendo Switch version of the game were first spotted by content creator Patrick Mata, who tweeted the following image.

It's nice to see Microsoft and Nintendo allowing this to happen, and perhaps presents more questions as to why Sony refuse to take part in cross-platform fun. Either way, if you have an Xbox Live account, and you have Minecraft on Switch, you'll finally be able to earn some achievements - just not in the way you ever imagined!

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