Following a listing by the Australian Classification Board - which all but confirmed its existence - Saber Interactive has finally made it official. NBA Playgrounds 2 is coming to Nintendo Switch, although it's currently got a vague 2018 release window attached.

The original NBA Playgrounds - which offered a cross between NBA Street and NBA Jam - had a troubled start on Switch, but it's silly, over-the-top basketball antics was still a hoot when it came together. The sequel promises to take that same two-on-two setup with a fresh set of NBA legends and current ballers (over 200 in total). There are also plenty of new modes on offer:

Playgrounds Championship mode introduces a new worldwide ranked league system, featuring multiple competitive solo and co-op division ladders for players to climb. Season mode is a new single-player experience that recreates the feeling of leading a team through the regular season, playoffs, and, ultimately, the NBA Championship itself. There’s also improved matchmaking with dedicated servers, the arrival of four-player online matches, the return of three-point contests, custom matches, and more – pick your team and play without limits!

NBA Playgrounds 2 is slated for a 2018 release on Nintendo Switch. Will you be picking up a copy later this year, or have the various issues with the original made you stick with NBA 2K18? Share your thoughts below...