Following on from news that 3D Avenue's colourful platformer Spectrum is wiggling its way onto Nintendo Switch, publisher Digerati has now revealed an extra special addition to sweeten the deal - a new Race mode that's exclusive to Ninty's handheld machine.

This new local multiplayer model will enable you and a mate (or a passing stranger, if that's your thing) to race head-to-head in a splitscreen battle. With the same colourful, abstract design to its levels, you'll also be able to take on your opponent with a split Joy-Con (so there's no need to invest in a Pro Controller or a second set of Joy-Cons). No news yet on an exact release date for the Nintendo Switch version, but we'll keep you posted as soon as we know more.

Will you be swimming, diving and wriggling your way to ambient victory in Spectrum on Switch? Share your thoughts on this lil' indie offering below...