We first heard about Penny-Punching Princess last summer when NIS America announced the game alongside another RPG, The Longest Five Minutes. The latter arrived on the console just last month but, thanks to this brand new trailer, we also now have more details about the former.

Featuring the titular character Princess (a stoic, pragmatic girl who only trusts money), her butler Sebastian, the zombie Isabella, a god of money called Zenigami, and a mighty dragon-fella called Dragoloan, the game's cast seems to show an abundance of character and humour.

The game is a beat 'em up RPG revolving around the idea that "money can solve all your problems". You can bribe your way past enemies, traps, and even some boss-level opponents with the power of money. Basically just like real life, then?

Penny-Punching Princess is set to launch on 30th March in Europe, with the slightly later date of 3rd April in the US. A limited edition of the game is also available - and can be pre-ordered as we speak - containing the game, lapel pins, keychains, a credit card-shaped USB containing the soundtrack, and a gold bar collector's item. 


Are you ready to take on this money-driven adventure? Let us know your thoughts on the game in the comments.