The Switch, as it stands, is an unmitigated success both commercially and critically. Developers are flocking to release their games on the system as soon as they can, but just how many games have been released in the first year of this console's life?

Short answer, 404 in Western territories. That's over 100 more than the N64 got in its entire life! You could just look at them all on a Wikipedia list, but to try and put this into perspective we had the hugely impractical idea of showing off every single one of these games in the video above, rapid-fire style.

For me personally this has really opened my eyes to the sheer volume of the Switch's library. Having to sit there and read out the title of every single game and think about the work hours that have gone in to creating them all is a little bit flooring to say the least.

Make sure you check out the video above, because blimey did it take an age to put together.