Switch games

As Nintendo Switch approaches its one year anniversary tomorrow, it's a great time to take stock and consider the multitude of games which have already been released on the portable powerhouse. While many worried in the early days that there might be a Wii U style drought of games, this has definitely not been the case. Aside from the rapid rate of eShop releases we see each week, boxed retail releases are also been cranked out like there is no tomorrow... which keeps collectors bank balances depleted nicely!

One such collector is Reddit's soulctcher who has collected all the Switch games sold during the first year of its life in boxed format. The only caveat is the games have to have English on the cart. We counted 92 games. Could there be others he has missed? Possibly, at the rate these are coming out in Europe every time we do a monthly round-up of upcoming retail releases.

Even in 2018, there is just something pleasing about owning a game on a cart isn't there?

Switch carts

Now many of these games are fairly low priced eShop affairs, which some might say probably never needed to be put on a cart in the first place. But a true collector will show off their boxed copy of Troll and I with as much pride as a limited edition The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild it seems. Each to their own!

Do you have a penchant for collecting boxed Switch games or do you prefer to do digital? Let us know what you think about this lovely collection with a comment below.

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