10tons has announced that Tesla vs Lovecraft, a game released a just a little over a month ago on Steam, will be hitting the Switch eShop later this week.

Tesla vs Lovecraft is a twin-stick top-down shooter which sees the player, as the inventor Nikola Tesla, take on the minion hordes of horror author H.P. Lovecraft. Equipped with a Quantum Teleport backpack, the player can warp short distances and even through walls and monsters, while the Tesla-Mech battle robot also grants the player an immense but temporary boost in firepower. A hefty arsenal of conventional and sci-fi weapons, power-ups, special abilities, and selectable perks are also present in the game.

- Use the Quantum Teleport to zip out of harm's way and travel through solid objects!
- Activate the Tesla-Mech battle robot to rip apart even the most hideous abominations!
- Attack with shotguns, energy weapons, and scientific marvels such as the X-Ray Blade!
- Fight through story mode with bossfights and compete in survival mode online leaderboards!
- Blast monsters together in local co-op for 2-4 players!

The game is set to launch on 16th March at $14.99 / €14.99. 10tons' recent Switch release JYDGE has apparently mirrored its pleasing Steam fortunes on the console, so the team will no doubt be hoping for a similar success this time around.

Will you be picking this one up in a few days' time? Let us know down below.