Nintendo Switch Dock and Joy-con Grip
Image: Vanamo Media

Team Xecutor, a long-running group that specialises in creating hacking devices for consoles, is working on a new modchip for Nintendo Switch and it's taken to its official forums to reassure potential users that the piece of unofficial hardware will work with all of the current firmware updates.

The team behind the device is avoiding releasing images of the modchip until pre-orders go live this spring - mainly because modding consoles is a tad naughty and Nintendo won't be too happy - but it has confirmed that it will be available in both a, "solderless and solder version." So if running homebrew apps and the like is your thing, then there's this.

Switch Xecuter

So what do you think about a modchip for Nintendo Switch? Would you want to use one, if so, what's the big selling point for you? Let us know in the comments section below...