Yesterday's Nintendo Direct finally revealed the release date for Sushi Striker: The Way of Sushido, which was originally shown off at last year's E3 with the trailer above, and also announced that the game will be releasing on Nintendo Switch on the same day.

Hitting the console of your choice on 8th June, this game sees players hurtling bits of sushi at each other from the conveyor belts in front of you, tasking you with piling up plates of matching colours to be successful. Raised in a world where sushi is forbidden (shock horror), the game's protagonist Musashi must wage all out conveyor belt sushi battles to defeat the empire and topple the sushi monopoly.

The game will also support online multiplayer matches, although Nintendo has confirmed that there will be no cross-play available between the 3DS and Switch versions.

Are you excited for this one? And just how amazing is that theme song? Wow.