Once upon a time, Nintendo was such a family-friendly company that it had strict rules in place for what could and couldn't be featured in games released on its consoles, but thankfully it has moved with the times and now welcome many mature and adult-oriented titles to its platforms.

That said, Nintendo still makes efforts to present a suitable digital store front, so screenshots for titles like the forthcoming Metropolis: Lux Obscura - which is rated 16 and over in Europe - are censored accordingly. 

The game - which launches on April 4th and is described as possessing a "film noir atmosphere" with "seductive wanton women" - showcases some racy screenshots which are wisely censored with black bars on the eShop. 

This measure works perfectly when browsing the eShop in portable mode, but when you view the same screenshot on your TV, the black bar isn't quite as effective and actually shows some of the - ahem - detail underneath.

Viewing the image on the Nintendo website has the same result - the area which is supposed to be covered by the bar is still visible - so we've replicated the image here with a additional censorship methods in place to protect your eyeballs.


We're glad such mature titles are being allowed on the eShop and parental controls are in place which should keep this image from being encountered by innocent eyes, but someone has clearly made a bit of a boo-boo here, and we'd imagine the screenshot will be removed shortly.

Thanks to Andy for bringing this to our attention.