Rocket League

A couple months ago, Psyonix made it clear that it would be releasing a patch for Rocket League on the Switch in the future which would be adding in new video options to give fans greater controls over the fidelity of the experience. The update is due to launch on 3rd April next week, so the studio has chosen to detail what all will be contained in the big patch. As you’d expect, there’s plenty of good news here.

The existent mode that Rocket League plays in will be referred to as Performance mode, but there will also be a Quality mode that caps the frames at 30 FPS and bumps the resolution to 1920x1080 docked and 1280x720 in handheld, in addition to other improvements like lens flare, light shafts, dynamic shadows, and depth of field. In addition to this, video capture support will be added so you can save recordings of all those sweet goals.

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