Shaping up?

The Switch has had an incredible first year in terms of software, but with this flood of games comes the problem of discoverability. The design of the eShop on Switch is workmanlike at best, and many games are getting lost in the crush, robbed of their chance to shine.

Speaking to Glixel, Nintendo of America's Damon Baker acknowledged this issue, and said that the company is aware it needs to get better at highlighting content and improving overall discoverability:

In July of last year we knew of about 150 titles from third-party coming out. By the end of 2017, 320-some-odd games had come out on the Switch. It was a significant jump in terms of expectations. There is an even higher number (we know of ) for this year and we expect that to be surpassed as well. While we’re really fortunate with the reception, we know it’s our responsibility to recognize that there is a lot of content coming and that we need to find ways to improve discoverability.

How Nintendo intends to do this remains to be seen; let us know what improvements you'd like to see on the eShop by posting suggestions below.