It did not take eagle-eyed gamers much time to spot something very interesting on the Switch dashboard HAMSTER used for the Famitsu broadcast that revealed the upcoming Arcade Archive Punch-Out!! is arriving next week. Not one but two as-yet-unannounced ACA title icons where clearly visible earlier today, and both belong to two true '80's video game franchises. Spoilers ahead!

UPL's 1984 Ninja-Kid kick-started the whole Ninja JaJaMaru-kun series that would go to delight gamers at home thanks to several 8-bit entries for both Famicom and Game Boy and even a single Super Famicom entry all by the hands of Jaleco. A charming yet hardcore platformer that, despite being three decades old and long-surpassed by its own sequel, still retains its own addictive qualities.

One year later, Nichibutsu's 1985 Terra Cresta changed the landscapes for shmup generations to come. Ditching the single-screen nature of the original Moon Cresta, this revered shmup brought TATE scrolling action to arcades and later to Famicom owners at home, thanks to an incredibly faithful conversion. Instead of weapon power-ups, you could actually collect other ships that provided fire-power upgrades and even the ability to fly in different formations. A revolutionary shmup that also still plays brilliantly today.

No word on when these two classics will be arriving, but no doubt they'll fall into HAMSTER's weekly release schedule nicely.

An exciting leak into the future of the Switch Arcade Archives series! Will you be picking up any of these two?

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