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We recently took a look at Retro-Bit's classic game collections sold in the US, classic NES and SNES games lovingly put onto reproduction carts with fancy packaging - a must-have for retro game collectors.

It just came to our attention that Retro-Bit is selling a bunch of new retro classic game collections on Play-Asia which are for the Japanese region. These will work on a Famicom or Super Famicom, or NES/SNES with the correct bridging adaptor. You could even play them on a Retro-Bit console if you so wished, or on a Retron-5 or Retro Freak.

The game collections are licensed from classic Japanese companies such as Data East, Athena, Jaleco and Culture Brain, so all of the classics are represented, such as Magical DropJoe & MacSuper Chinese World and Rushing Beat.

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Let us know if you plan to pick up any of these classic game collection carts!