Indie developer Cypronia has released a brand new trailer revealing that Cube Life: Island Survival 2018 will be making its way to Switch later this year.

Cube Life: Island Survival is an open-world, block building, survival game, taking place on a beautiful remote island that can take a very dark turn indeed. Players will be shipwrecked and stranded, left for dead on the island, and must explore, build, craft, and fight their way through to stay alive.

The game is said to have been built with community feedback in mind, featuring all the gameplay goodies you’ve come to expect from open world, sand box style games. The game originally released on Wii U, successfully competing against its inspiration Minecraft in the Japanese charts and going on to be a bestseller in multiple countries.

It is scheduled to release on Steam next month, with a Switch version coming "later on". More details are expected in the near future.

Do you like the look of this one? Have you played the game on Wii U? Let us know your thoughts below.