Unless you've been out of the loop for a while, you'll be aware of issues regarding third-party docks being used with the Nintendo Switch. Ever since the 5.0.0 update went live, we've been seeing reports of owners bricking their consoles when using unlicensed docks produced by companies such as Nyko.

Nintendo has commented on this situation and the message is clear - don't use any dock with your Switch other than the one it comes bundled with - but some dedicated individuals have been digging and there's evidence which suggests the console itself could be to blame.

More specifically, it's the way the Switch's USB-C connection works that could be the cause of the issue. A post has appeared on Reddit which does an excellent job of pulling together the findings so far, but in summary, the USB-C protocols in the Nintendo Switch are non-standard and could possibly be the root cause of the bricking issues seen so far.

Here's a quote:

The Nintendo Switch Dock USB TypeC power supply is not USB-PD spec compliant. As a result it does not "play nice" with other USBC devices. This means you should strongly consider only using the Nintendo Switch Dock adapter only with the Nintendo Switch (and Dock). Additionally, it also seems the Nintendo Switch Dock does not "play nice" with other USB-PD chargers. This means you're forced to use a Nintendo-brand power supply.

This post - along with this one and this one - goes even deeper into the issue. Could this be the reason that other docks are bricking the system? If Nintendo has used a non-standard spec for its USB-C connection, then third-party accessory makers - who will be making sure their products are compliant - could unknowingly be causing Switch consoles to brick themselves. The end result? Nintendo forces you to only purchase docks and power supplies it has produced or has licensed other companies to produce.

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