Augmented Reality may be old news as far as Nintendo is concerned - the 3DS had it way back in 2011 - but companies like Microsoft, Google and Apple are focused on the next generation of the technology, paving the way for incredible interactive experiences that mix fantasy with reality.

With that in mind, we bring you AR Street Fighter II, which exploits the power of Apple's new ARKit augmented reality platform. Created by Abhishek Singh, this tech demo allows you to throw fireballs and perform Dragon Punches in real world locations.

The game is multiplayer, too - so you can actually face off against a human opponent using a table or town square as your battleground.

Naturally, Singh doesn't have permission to use the Street Fighter brand, so don't get too excited about this becoming a real thing. However, you never know; Capcom could see the potential in this and commission Singh to produce a full game - stranger things have happened.