Metroid Prime 4 is one of the next big games coming to Nintendo Switch, but all that lack of concrete detail has led to countless rumours. At one point we learned Retro Studios (which worked on the original Metroid Prime trilogy) wouldn't be on development duties, then there were murmurs that id Software might be stepping in to work on the title. Then it was Bandai Namco's turn to be centre of all MP4 rumours.

Well, Eurogamer has today confirmed (via multiple sources) that Bandai Namco is indeed working on Metroid Prime 4, specifically its Bandai Namco Singapore studio. Obviously, there are very few details on the ground - and no real certainty we'll see it before 2019 - but at least we now know which studio is bringing Samus back to the FPS party.

Let us know your thoughts on this MP4 news and whether you think the studio is the right choice for the game...