Topic: Is ID Software developing Metroid Prime 4?

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@Knighty_IX Man, there are some edgy gaffers that don't seem to understand how genres work. Bethesda the studio would actually be the only third party I'd trust to do an atmospheric first-person shooter/explorer. Of course that would be a bad choice because they're better off making an Elder Scrolls game that'll sell better than any Metroid game ever could. Plus I'd rather have Elder Scrolls VI and Metroid Prime 4 than only the later.

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MarcelRguez wrote:

@gcunit Hey, I'm a linguist. Analizing this stuff is my bread and butter

For a linguist, you sure have a dirty sense of humour in your spelling

@Octane My guess is that at the time of the MP4 announcement, the arrangements for the development may not have been finalised (hence just an ambiguous line about putting a talented team together - surely that line gets bolted on to a whole bunch of similar press releases...?), or that Nintendo just didn't want to announce the details yet (for whatever reason). I agree there's no reason to assume external people are working on it either, but my point is just that that press release does not give enough to rule it out, as some seem to be doing above.

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@gcunit Lol, you got me good there

On my defense, I've been rushing from place to place trying to get the Legacy Edition of Samus Returns. No time to think about spelling. Did manage to get one though!

Besides that, I agree with what you say about the project just being greenlit before the announcement. All those people claiming it might be "further in development than we think" are going to be sorely disappointed, I'm afraid.


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id software is busy making DOOM2 anyways.

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