Ratalaika Games has announced that it will be bringing Crazyant's pixel art, beat 'em up, fighting game I Am The Hero to Nintendo Switch this year.

I Am The Hero is described as 'a love note to retro gaming', ripped from the fuzzy memories of the developer’s childhoods and seasoned with a wild passion for fighting games. Telling the story of a 'Hero' with a glorious but mysterious past, the game asks whether this hero is indeed what he thinks he is, or whether there is another side to him yet to be uncovered.

I Am The Hero Features:

- Local and Online Co-Op.
- Fast Moving, Fluid Combat.
- Free Style Combos: Trample, juggle, rush, and crush your enemies into submission with your own unique fighting styles.
- Critical Blink: By timing your attacks perfectly you can unleash massive damage on your foes with Critical Blink.

With a single player campaign, as well as local and online co-op modes, I Am The Hero promises fast-paced, retro-inspired action on the go. Will you be giving this one a few rounds?