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No piece of hardware is totally hack-proof but Nintendo's consoles usually put up a pretty good fight - this a company that is prepared to offer a reward to people who find exploits, lest we forget.

However, the Switch has fallen to the hackers pretty swiftly. Last year it was reported that a homebrew launcher was incoming, and we've since seen the fruits of this endeavour surface on YouTube.

It has now been revealed that Linux is up and running on Switch via a unique exploit which, it is claimed, cannot be patched in a future firmware update.

We're sure that Nintendo will be taking every possible precaution to ensure that potential weaknesses in its code and hardware are locked down as soon as possible, but if this bug really can't be fixed moving forward, homebrew apps and (of course) software piracy are going to be part of the console's life for the next few years, for better or for worse.

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