Late last year we told you about Nintendo's rather intriguing "Bug Bounty" programme, which was offering monetary rewards for tip-offs to security vulnerabilities on 3DS; when the Switch launched the official website was updated to include the new system, too.

The programme seems to have sprung to life, and it's an interesting insight into Nintendo's efforts to get hackers and modders on board. A day ago three users were registered as having received rewards for successful submissions; to earn these 'bounties' reports typically need to provide substantial details and evidence of vulnerabilities. Perhaps not coincidentally a homebrew hack that went through the 3DS sound app got shut out in the most recent 'stability' update.

As evidence of the continual struggle, however, a few Nintendo Life readers have pointed us to forums sharing the latest 3DS homebrew exploit, this time exploiting free app Swapdoodle. As soon as Nintendo shuts one door, another inevitably opens.

It's intriguing, in any case, to see the Bug Bounty programme start to pay out - perhaps it'll be an effective way for Nintendo to try and keep up with the homebrew and hacking scene on the Switch and 3DS. Time will tell.

[source hackerone.com]