As with any successful video games console, many manufacturers out there have been trying their hand at creating accessories they believe people will want. Most of the time these are fine or forgettable, but these five are so ridiculous it's amazing they exist at all.

This one doesn't really need explanation. The only time we could see ourselves wanting to use this as opposed to a properly mounted arm for a hands-free experience would be out in public. We're not wearing this thing in public.

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A dust cover for the Switch when it's sitting in its dock isn't inherently a bad idea, but when it offers zero ventilation we start to hit a bit of a danger zone. To be fair most of the sellers we've seen for this product have said not to use it when the system is running, but just as many haven't bothered to add that warning. Now your Switch really can be a toaster.

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We've often complained that our Switch consoles don't look enough like accordions, but now we can live the life we've always wanted. This plastic shell attaches to the console and the Joy-Con, tilting them slightly and providing a nice, chunky grip for your fingers to sling onto. Not a bad idea in theory (despite looking hilarious), but the big problem lies in the controller rotation. Clearly it's been done to better emulate the layout of a traditional controller, but now all the analogue sticks are re-orientated, meaning pushing left from your perspective is now slightly down and left. Not great.


I think we've covered this one in plenty of detail.


And now we reach the grandaddy of them all. To most people this might just seem like a smaller, more portable docking solution and you're certainly not wrong. However there have been numerous reports of this particular dock frying people's consoles to the point of being bricked. It's certainly not something that's affected everyone who bought one, but it's a high enough number to make us very, very wary.