Not including some form of wireless audio support in the Switch was one of Nintendo's main failings with the console; not only does it mean that you can't use Bluetooth cans when gaming on the telly, it has forced peripheral makers to cook up crazy solutions for in-game voice chat.

The official Japanese Splatoon account has just shown off these licensed Splatoon 2 Hori headphones, which have to be connected to your smartphone and your Switch at the same time to enable voice chat and in-game audio:

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Here's the translation:

Further input from this headset, and smart phones and games consoles to mix and a voice chat while listening to games! Neon pink ear cups are also included and can be replaced in the favorite color.

While the headphones look pretty gorgeous, being tethered to not one but two devices at the same time is surely going to get old, fast. We imagine that most players will simply use a pair of mic-ready headphones with their smartphone for communication in-game and have the game's audio playing via the Switch / TV speakers.

What do you make of this voice chat solution? Do you think Nintendo's first-party offering - should it make one - will be any better? Let us know with a comment.