Terahard Studios has announced that its upcoming multiplayer, beat 'em up title Claws of Furry will be releasing on Nintendo Switch this spring.

With fifty levels of catastrophic mayhem, players will be punching and scratching their way through enemies to rescue their Master from the evil claws of an unknown boss. The game blends fast paced action with classic arcade beat 'em up carnage. Made up of four distinct environments with unique enemies, the challenge is always evolving. Multiple modes such as Rogue-like and Arena, and unlockable outfits with unique bonuses, will require unstoppable ninja-cat reflexes.

Check out some of the key features in the game below.

Key Features
- Arcade beat 'em up action
- Multiple Modes including: Rogue-like, Arena, Pussycat & Local co-op
- Local co-op with up to 4 players
- A variety of thematic environments and enemies
- Unlockable costumes with unique gameplay properties
- Beautiful hand-painted art
- Unique character design

Could this be the purr-fect way to spend your evenings with friends? Let us know if you're interested in this one below.