When we reviewed the stunning Analogue Super Nt recently we commented that the console's SD card slot might be used to deploy jailbroken firmware that enhances the functionality of the machine - very much in the same way that custom firmware allowed you to do cool stuff on Analogue's previous device, the Nt Mini.

We haven't had to wait very long for this to happen as the first jailbroken firmware has been released online. This firmware allows you to run SNES ROMs from an SD card, with around 300 to 500 titles supported at this moment in time.

Installing the firmware is easy - you simply download the file to the root of your SD card, slot it into the console and turn it on - it will be installed automatically. The good news is that it doesn't remove the Super Turrican and Super Turrican 2 games that are pre-installed on the system.

Let us know if you'll be using this firmware by posting a comment below.