We all know our friends in Japan get all the fun games - especially when it comes to its thriving arcade industry - so we're more than a little jealous to learn SEGA will be releasing a brand new House Of The Dead game - subtitled Scarlet Dawn - in 2018.

Noticed by twitter user @kingmonkey25, the post on the Japanese HOTD site confirms the game will be arriving this year and will likely launch in Tokyo's world famous Akinabara arcade district. It will also be getting its own deluxe, sit-in cabinet so you can really immerse yourself in all that light-gun-related gore. It'll be first new HOTDA title to hit arcades in quite some time, but we wouldn't hold our breaths for a Scarlet Dawn port on Switch anytime soon - the last entry to grace a Nintendo platform was House Of The Dead: Overkill in 2009.

Just look at that cabinet...
Has it really been that long since a new HOTD hit arcades?

Are you a fan of arcade shooters? Ever lost a whole evening and a lot of change to a House Of The Dead cab? We know we have...