While speedrunning Super Mario Odyssey may be the flave of the month at the moment - especially with that skin-exposed Nipple% movement trying to strip Mario - one game used to be a real favourite among Nintendo-loving speedrunners. Sadly, the whole Wind Waker HD speedrun ran out of steam last year when a newly discovered glitch that enabled immediate access to the endgame proved to be took risky and luck dependent.

Well, thankfully that's all changed as a new exploit has been unearthed, one that's that reportedly far more reliable when it comes to setting up and pulling off under timed conditions. The trick (which replaces the original and unpredictable 'zombie hover' exploit) involves killing a morth enemy in the same animation frame - which has a far higher success rate of bypassing the barrier leading to the final fight with Ganon.

Speedrunner and Twitch streamer gymnast86 was the first to discover it this past weekend, although fellow speedrunner Linkus7 has already claimed the record for the fastest Any% run. We love seeing players giving older games new and prolonged life via speedrunning, but what do you make of it? Are you a record-chasing 'runner? Let us know below...