Mega Man turns 30 this year, an event which will no doubt make many players feels really, really old. Capcom's series may be undergoing a revival of late thanks to the announcement of an all-new entry, but for many fans it never got any better than the NES sequel, which still ranks as one of the best action platformers of all time.

One such individual is iRetrogamer's Tyler Esposito, who will be a familiar face to long-time readers of this site. In his latest vintage video, he looks back on the moment when his four-year-old self received the game that had been haunting his dreams for months. Nope, not Ironsword: Wizards and Warriors II, but - yes! - Mega Man's second 8-bit outing. 

Esposito's late father filmed many of these key childhood moments and even though it's not us on camera, it's easy to associate Esposito's youthful joy with your own early experiences with video games; playing a cool title round a friend's house, then badgering parents to buy it until one day, you get to rip open a tantalising package which contains the object of your desire. Good times.