Kirby Star Allies is looking better and better with each video we feast our eyes on. It wasn't too long ago that we learnt all about the brand new copy abilities being introduced to the series in that Nintendo Direct Mini a couple of weeks back, and now we have a brand new Japanese trailer which shows off a whole bunch of the game's playable characters.

The characters shown are Poppy Bros. Jr., Blade Knight, Burning Leo, Parasol Waddle Dee, Chilly, Sir Kibble, Gim and Waddle Doo. As you can see from the trailer, the heavy emphasis on elemental abilities such as ice, electricity, and fire seems to have remained perfectly intact, and playing as all of the different characters looks as fun as ever.

Are you looking forward to Kirby's first outing on the Switch? Let us know if you're thinking of picking up the game when it launches on 16th March in the comments below.