Nintendo Switch's inaugural year hasn't even drawn to a close yet, and Nintendo, rather wisely, is already looking to the console's sophomore year. And, according to a recent interview with Nintendo president and all-round head honcho Tatsumi Kimishima, "in order to be playable in the long term, the second year is crucial," for the handheld hybrid.

Speaking with The Mainichi, one of Japan's largest newspapers, the fifth man to hold the president of Nintendo position says the Big N views Switch as a, "game console with a long lifespan," and that Nintendo's, "...task is to add more users, including people who barely touch game consoles.”

And what of Switch's continued sales success in Japan and beyond? Mainichi quizzed Kimishima on whether its performance could rival Wii in the way it's already surpassed Wii U's lifetime sales. The Ninty president candidly stated there are some differences in terms of each console in Japan, but that its worldwide momentum is certainly rivalling that of the motion-controlled super hit.

Elsewhere, Kimishima says the support of third-parties will help open up Nintendo Switch to new genres, but admits that the industry is a competitive arena and that other companies could well release hardware that ends up stealing momentum and attention.

What do you make of Kimishima's comments, and what do you think needs to happen to maintain and elevate Switch's success in the months to come? Let us know, in the usual way, below...