Over 19 months ago, Game Maker Toolkit's Mark Brown undertook the gargantuan task of revisiting every major entry in The Legend Of Zelda series to investigate what made their defining features - namely those deep and challenging dungeons - so memorable. A good 13 videos later and Mark has finally come to the end of his journey (for now, at least) with the release of today's Breath Of The Wild video.

So sit back, grab a bite to eat and see how the Divine Beasts broke away from the original template Nintendo had adhered to for so long while ticking so many of the boxes true to the series' DNA. It's a fascinating watch and a must if you a) have a deep appreciate for the nuance of game design and b) have a disturbingly powerful obsession with all things Hyrulian. 

Let us know what you what you think, and be sure to share some of your memories of Zelda dungeons both new and old...